Product Design.
CMF strategy.

Objest Studio designs 3D objects, products and personal accessories with cultural relevance for global clients. We partner with start-ups and established brands to deliver commercial design solutions. Our work covers product, consumer electronics, homeware, furniture, and CMF design.

Objest automatic watch

Swiss automatic watch

SGW power bank

Boosting your device

Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Divu mirror

Geometric reflections

SGW ata

Digital to analogue

Panasonic Rulo

Robot cleaner

Premium watch packaging

Swiss automatic watch

Objest quartz watch

Swiss Quartz watch

Motorola Phone

Corded phone design

Cambridge Audio

Modernising a British HiFi brand


Turning extrusions into furniture

SGW Global

Entry level mobile phones

Design Mobel

A good night's sleep


Tides of light


Portable speaker