Swiss Quartz watch

Hach is the first Swiss Made watch collection designed under the Objest brand. The timepieces are inspired by structure, patterns and simple silhouettes. The design draws inspiration from the tech-fashion of Issey Miyake and bold architectural statements of Toyo Ito and John Pawson.


The timepiece features a numberless dial and a hatched pattern that breaks up the dial into the twelve points of a traditional watch face.


The dial is etched on two levels to create a sense of depth and to give a slight shimmer effect when catching the light. Another layer of sophistication has been introduced with colour. The lower level is darker and the top is a lighter hue. Hach comes in a range of luxury finishes including Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and gold.

What we did

  • Product design
  • CMF development
  • Brand development
  • Prototype sourcing
  • Production sourcing