Objest watches

After what feels like an absolute age we have finally objest.com live. This is our new collection of Swiss Made, unisex watches. These are the collective vision of the studio and our first product under the Objest brand.

Enjoyment is at the heart of the brand. While it is dedicated to manufacturing beautifully designed, contemporary products it also injects moments of pure, unadulterated fun. Directly reflected in the name, the combination of the two words celebrate the creative union between the tangible and intangible.

Objest is energised and light-footed in spirit, in touch with ‘now’ and always open to the possibilities of the future. It is imaginative, expressive and playful. We’re London based, street smart with big hearts. We use fashion, art, architecture and local culture to inform our designs. Our products reflect a new breed to fashion conscious consumers.

Built to wear, build to last. Our watches are Swiss Made and developed with master craftsmen. We take pride in designing, detailing and delivering lovable objects. Being Swiss Made is a measure of quality and our commitment to crafting enduring timepieces.