objest featured in Salon QP luxury watch magazine

Objest adds unique touch with customisable automatic

Swiss made minimalism is the signature of Objest – a design-led watch brand launched by product designer Jared Mankelow. Each piece draws its overall aesthetic from London’s artistic scene, with architecture, art and culture all helping to create the overall vision. Now, it has launched the Hach+ automatic – designed in London and made in Switzerland – that can be almost entirely customised to create a one-of-a-kind model. The aim is to put a bespoke automatic timepiece on the average wrist, and remove the concept entirely from its high-end pedestal.

“Historically only large luxury brands with huge development budgets have had the manufacturing relationships to prototype, test and bring to market bespoke consumer goods,” Mankelow tells us. “However, with the rapid advancements of 3D rapid prototyping, laser etching and 3D metal printing the door has opened. Young micro-brands such as Objest can now prototype multiple cases and dial options very quickly without incurring high costs.”

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