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  • Objest studio alexa built-in

    All things Alexa

    We’ve started working on a very exciting project with Alexa built-in. This catagory defining project introduces Alexa and voice recognition to a wider audience. The products work with Alexa skills and Alexa compatible smart home devices.

  • objest studio christmas shopping event

    Christmas shopping event

    Christmas is approaching quicker than coyote chasing road runner!. To celebrate, Objest will be having a Black Friday shopping event from 24th November. This will be an amazing opportunity to get familiar with the Objest brand and get hands-on with our contemporary, Swiss made, unisex watches. Visit Objest watches

  • London Design Festival

    London Design Festival 2018

    Once again London Design Festival is upon us. The Objest team got out to see what the design community had to offer, along with meeting up with new and old colleagues and clients. One of the biggest changes this year was the relocation of designjunction to the OXO Tower Wharf.

  • objest presents watch design and process to DCA

    Objest presents watch designs and design process to DCA

    Objest was invited to give a talk at product design agency DCA. Our talked focused on launching a brand and having a more commercial approach to product design and development. Such a great talk and flowing, conversational presentation. The team at DCA are hugely talented and so much of their work is confidential, needless to…

  • Objest completes the latest phone design for SGW Global

    Our latest cordless DECT phone for SGW Global

    This month saw the launch of our latest cordless DECT phone for SGW Global. The soft, slightly cambered surfaces create a playful, yet familiar design language. The natural, flowing form is reflected in the product name – Melo. Beautifully simple, subtly refined.

  • objest studio new team member

    Introducing the latest member of the Objest team

    Say hello to Eero, the latest design talent to join the Objest team. Named after Eero Saarinen, the architect and designer behind the tulip chair, designed together with Charles Eames for the ‘Organic Design in Home Furnishings’ competition in 1940 which was later produced by Knoll. Eero continued designing many celebrated pieces of furniture for…

  • objest hands on monochrome watches

    Hands On With The Objest Hach Automatic

    The Objest Automatic collection is a breath of fresh air. Regardless of whether you like its contemporary design or not, you cannot deny that it is authentic and distinctive. This is even more pronounced when you consider that you can customise just about every element on the watch, with the exception of the ETA 2824-2…

  • Objest is ticking along nicely

    Objest is ticking along nicely and these Swiss -made pieces come at a shadow of the price of those made by competitors.

  • objest watch featured in the telegraph

    Graphically-styled, minimalist and highly affordable automatic watches

    Objest appeared in the Telegraph Time Watch Review on Saturday. We were in good company, sitting next to luxury brands including TAG Heuer, Bulgari, Hermes and Fendi. The section had a feature on watch customisation which we were noted in. Visit The Telegraph

  • Objest appears on Monocle Section D radio interview

    Jared Mankelow on launching a watch business

    Product designer and consultant Jared Mankelow on why launching a watch kept business ticking. Monocle Section D talks with the designer about watches, design consulting and some of the issues associated with bringing a new product to market. Listen to the interview here

  • objest featured in Salon QP luxury watch magazine

    Objest adds unique touch with customisable automatic

    Swiss made minimalism is the signature of Objest – a design-led watch brand launched by product designer Jared Mankelow. Each piece draws its overall aesthetic from London’s artistic scene, with architecture, art and culture all helping to create the overall vision. Now, it has launched the Hach+ automatic – designed in London and made in…

  • Esquire Big Watch Book includes Objest automatic watch

    In Your Own Time

    The Big Watch Book magazine from Esquire UK – the ultimate guide to stylish timekeeping and a celebration of the very best that the world’s preeminent watch brands have to offer. Whereas the vast majority of stand-alone watch titles tend to be impenetrably industry-focused, The Big Watch Book takes a fresh, informed and approachable look…

  • Hands-on review of the Objest Swiss automatic watch aBlogtoWatch

    Objest Customised Automatic Watch Review

    Watch enthusiast purists might be feeling increasingly disconnected from the current watch brand landscape. No longer (for a while now) is most of the innovation or intensity coming from big, old names – but rather from small to medium scrappy companies filling in price ranges long since abandoned by the stalwart Swiss Objest is just…

  • An afffordable Swiss automatic watch by Objest featured in WatchPro

    London studio creates one million watches in one customisable automatic

    A London design studio has created a collection of automatic watches for which almost every visible element can be customised. Objest, a business founded by product designer Jared Mankelow, specialises in creating objects inspired by London’s design, art, architecture, fashion and culture. The company already sells a collection of customisable quartz-based watches, but wanted to…

  • Objest automatic watch, hands-on review with Worn & Wound

    Customizable watches by Objest

    Objest is a London-based brand founded by designer Jared Mankelow. Some time ago, Objest launched its first series of pebble-shaped watches. This inaugural collection featured solely quartz movements, but since then the firm has ventured into the realm of mechanical calibers, utilizing the workhorse ETA 2824 movement to power its line of automatics. This was…

  • Objest automatic watch featured on Acquire lifestyle blog

    Objest lets you create one-of-a-kind watch

    Objest is offering a new option for customers who want something a bit more bespoke. Their Hach+ automatic lets you change almost every visible feature on the watch including the case, crown, hands, dial, strap, and even the rotor color on the movement. Visit Acquire

  • Objest starts working with smart textiles company footfalls & heartbeats

    Objest starts new partnership with Footfalls & Heartbeats

    Footfalls & Heartbeats was founded by New Zealand chemist Simon McMaster who brings many years’ experience researching intelligent textiles. It is positioned to become a leader in the provision of smart textiles for a diverse range of applications in a global market that is increasingly demanding intelligent fabrics. Objest has partnered with Footfalls & Heartbeats…

  • Objest strengthens relationship with SGW Global. SGW Global specializes in the manufacture, design, sales and distribution of a wide array of consumer electronic products and services for a number of the worlds most well known consumer electronics brands.

    Objest strengthens relationship with SGW Global

    Objest strengthens relationship with SGW Global. SGW Global specializes in the manufacture, design, sales and distribution of a wide array of consumer electronic products and services for a number of the worlds most well known consumer electronics brands.

  • Objest hach watch selcted by wallpaper magazine

    Under the loupe: Our latest watch and jewellery finds

    Wallpaper magazine is one of those publications you can’t live without. Adorning many a coffee table this magazine focuses on design and architecture, fashion, travel, art and lifestyle. To be included in their monthly roundup of watch and jewellery finds is amazing. We look forward to sharing more with Wallpaper as the Objest brands evolves.…

  • Objest shows quartz watch collection at Designjunction

    Objest exhibits at Designjunction as part of London Design Festival

    Objest exhibited at Designjunction as part of London Design Festival. This is a huge event on the design calendar with a large press presence and a crowd of industry experts, designers, and business folks. The event was another opportunity for us to introduce more purveyors of design to the brand. We also used this time…

  • Objest hach watch selected by Monocle design and busines magazine

    Monocle Suggests you take a look at the Objest Hach watch

    We were invited by Monocle to appear in the inventory section of the print magazine. This is a tightly curated selection of objects, products and well designed goods. Let’s just say we were more than happy to participate!. Monocle is one of those publications that is hard to put down once you start reading. The…

  • Objest hach watch featured on Yanko design and architecture blog

    What time is it?

    It’s time to introduce you to the Objest Watch. A gorgeous Swiss made designer watch collection called Hach. These unisex timepiece designs were influenced from the style of designer Issey Miyake and the architectural John Pawson, creating a modern take on the older watch designs. Yanko magazine covers the best in international product design. They…

  • Objest featured in Icon Eye print magazine

    Icon Eye design magazine: Objest Hach Watch

    Clerkenwell Design Week saw the launch of Objest’s first watch, which combines a minimalist form with an intricate hatched dial inspired by Issey Miyake. Objest had a small stand at Clerkenwell as a means to start introducing consumers to the brand. The feedback was encouraging and it was great to start sharing our story. Icon…

  • Objest hach swiss made quartz watch Icon Design magazine

    Pattern, texture, colour Italian style

    Italian design portal Icon Design has covered the Objest Hach watch. We’ve always been huge fans of Icon Design and we’re deeply thankful to be included in their roundup of modern design. Visit Icon Design

  • Objest black mens watch featured in Bloomberg news

    Time to buy a minimalist watch

    Bloomberg News suggest you buy an Objest black minimal watch. ‘An affordable black watch keeps you on schedule-and makes a fashion statement too.’ Visit Bloomberg News

  • Objest seen on design blog Cool Hunting

    Cool Hunting time to buy a modern watch

    Cool Hunting is an award-winning publication that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. Since 2003 our original content has informed the creative community that’s designing the future. They kindly added one of our latest Swiss made quartz watches to their beautifully curated ‘BUY’ section. Visit Cool Hunting

  • objest hach watch featured in Design Milk

    Objest launches first collection of Swiss made quartz watches

    Ready for your daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)? An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the…

  • Objest studio working for Panasonic Design

    Objest develops new CMF strategy with Panasonic

    Objest continues working with Panasonic on CMF design and strategy within their home appliance group. The majority of this work is highly confidential.

  • Objest watches

    After what feels like an absolute age we have finally objest.com live. This is our new collection of Swiss Made, unisex watches. These are the collective vision of the studio and our first product under the Objest brand. Enjoyment is at the heart of the brand. While it is dedicated to manufacturing beautifully designed, contemporary…

  • Objest hach watch Dezeen design blog

    Objest launches Hach etched timepieces

    London-based startup Objest is launching its first range of watches with faces featuring a hatched pattern instead of the usual hour and minute markings. Instead, a zigzagging pattern of contrasting hatch lines is used to divide the face, creating 12 points to help the wearer tell the time. “We wanted to design a timepiece that…