Hello we’re Objest Studio, a London-based product design company. Our work covers product innovation, industrial design and CMF strategy. We design simple products with personality for some of the world’s most successful brands.

We're perfectly placed to help bring value, relevance and a commercial sensitivity. We work across design disciplines and have significant depth in colours, materials and finishes (CMF). We have business minds and creative hearts.

Objest automatic watch

Swiss automatic watch

SGW power bank

Boosting your device

Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Divu mirror

Geometric reflections

SGW ata

Digital to analogue

Panasonic Rulo

Robot cleaner

Objest quartz watch

Swiss Quartz watch

Our work is deeply rooted in CMF strategy and the cultural relevance of a product. We use ethnographic research, trend analysis and a keen sense of intuition when developing product solutions. We work as an extension to in-house design teams and help build their internal design capacity.